Russian Tatar



E. Harding, Pall Mall

A Tongusian in his Hunting Dress

Hand Colored Engraving

Image size: 6 x 8 inches

One of a series of 17 prints



There still remained a Crimean Tatar population living in Crimea in the 19th century, apart from the Tatars of Kazan. This group was urged on to further develop their original culture --which predates the first mention of the word Rus in the Chronicles (e.g. Annales Bertiniani of 9th c.)-- and adapt it to the demands of the age. Such 19th century Crimean and Idil Tatars as Kayyum Nasiri, Marjani, Ismail Bey Gaspirali and others advocated this position. They sought to establish culturallinks with other Tatar and Turk groupings living elsewhere in order to prevent a total assimilation by the Russians.